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All our tours and treks are well organized. Every package tour is included three meals per day, two or three stars hotels/resorts which are selected by White Umbrella, comfortable Japan/Korean made cars with experienced diver, professional English/Russian/German speaking guide during the tour who is 24 hours available to assist you.

We drive maximum 5hrs per day during the tour to ensure that we can visit more places as well as keep you more relax. We always try to interact with local people and taste a local food which is differ from place to place.

In every tour, we make sure to visit one if local family and spend some time with them to see how they spend their daily life. Most of those families are from Tashi Wangdi's family or his friend's family. A lama or monk who has a deep knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism is provided with a pilgrimage tour to answer your any practical or rational questions about Buddhism as well as meditation practices. When exclusive tour comes, Tashi Wangdi, the owner of the company himself travel with our guests.

Customize your tour

We can customize any individual tour for you according to your time and duration if you can't join any of our group tours.

All you have to do is just fill up the customize form and submit it online. We will do the rest for you at the same tariff except less than two guests. We can also customize join tour with Sikkim.

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