White Umbrella is a state-licenced tour operator and private owned family business. The company was founded by Natalia and Tashi Wangdi, the General Managers of White Umbrella. The main office is located in the capital of Bhutan, in Thimpu, It is managed by Letho Sangay, the brother of Tashi.

Tashi and Natalia met in 2009 in Bodhgaya, India at the holy place where Buddha attained enlightenment. They decided to bring together their experience in organising unforgettable tours with their desire to show the cultural and natural heritage of Bhutan to travellers. This was the beginning of White Umbrella Bhutan.

It is their deep wish to create memorable tours that offer a deep insight into the culture and nature of Bhutan. Every tour is well-planned, has a special focus and offers a great experience. Meeting local people, see remote places and experience the nearly untouched culture and the local ways of life are the topics of every tour with White Umbrella.

At present they live in Hamburg, Germany, where Tashi is aspiring to his Master of Arts in Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan Studies. They coordinate the tours of White Umbrella from Hamburg. Here they get support from Ulla Feist. She studied Geography, is an experienced and passionate traveller and has been working within the field of tourism for several years.

The guides working for White Umbrella are Bhutanese and have a deep insight into the cultural and natural heritage. They do not only present facts about the country, but try to show the Bhutanese way of life in a personal manner. For them customers of White Umbrella are guests, not clients. Being responsive every day for 24 hours is self-evident. Tashi and Natalia even guide some of their exclusive tours themselves.

Why the name White Umbrella?
The company is named after the Tibetan Buddhist protector ‘Dhuk-Kaar'. She is the protective, or wrathful, emanation of the female Bodhisattva White Tara and is the protector of travellers. Her name, translated from Tibetan, literally means: "White Umbrella". Thus, this name clearly represents the attitude of our company in regards to the service we wish to provide to our clients.


Natalia Wangdi

Natalia is an experienced tour operator.

Tashi Wangdi

He grew up in a remote area in eastern Bhutan.

Sangay Letho

Sangay is tours and trekking guide under the Tourism Council of Bhutan.


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